Local Band: Odd Folks

tumblr_inline_nx1wucc7lc1s2tfqa_1280When it comes to the local music scene, it may be surprising to hear there is more than meets the ear. Bands in Bryan-College Station have found growing support by fans to do what they do best, and Odd Folks knows this all too well.
What started out as just a classroom experiment became something so much greater. When Marco Pisterzi, Jacob Pavel and Michael Martin joined a music class in the spring of 2014, their sole intention was to start a small, folk music group, hence the name “Odd Folks.” But, according to Martin, the band’s drummer, the trio soon realized their talents lied elsewhere.
“We found out pretty quickly that we were much better at playing pop punk/indie rock,” said Martin. “We recruited Alex Knoll to help write songs midway through the semester and began playing shows at Rev’s and other venues.”
Soon after Knoll’s addition to the group, a fifth member, Nic Shields, also joined. And thus, Odd Folks in its current iteration was born. The band was well on its way towards achieving their pop punk dream, playing local venues like Rev’s, Grand Stafford Theater and New Republic Brewery.
When asked if Odd Folks drew inspiration from any fellow pop punk performers, Martin maintained that the band was very much its own thing with a truly original sound. “We are trying to establish ourselves as our own brand of indie rock/pop punk,” Martin said. “Being that it’s 2015 means we have the opportunity to craft a new sound that harkens back to the bands that inspired us while infusing a lot of what we like to listen to now.”
Odd Folks certainly know how to play tribute to the bands for which they show admiration. The band is playing a show at Rev’s on Halloween night with several other bands, all of which are set to cover one of their favorite pop punk groups. Odd Folks will be going as Simple Plan, while Corusco takes on Taking Back Sunday, LUCA covers Manchester Orchestra, and The Cheap Haircuts honor The Front Bottoms in what is sure to be an excellent way to spend Halloween night. In addition to these great performances, the band also plans to release its debut album, ‘Monica,’ the same night.
But it never would have been possible without the support of the local music scene. During a summer tour, Odd Folks played shows all around the state, but Martin says his favorite show was the one they played here in town. “My favorite show we got to play was right back in our stomping grounds at Grand Stafford Theater.” Martin said. He mentioned that this was an important show, not only for them, but for their friends over in Hodera, who had just finished up a tour in New Jersey. Martin was hoping to show the band a good time here in Texas, and was more than pleased with the results. “We really wanted to give them a good crowd and good merch sales, and boy did the community come through!” Martin said. “We got to play an incredible crowd and we were able to give Hodera an insight into how supportive and excited the music scene is in Downtown Bryan, so that, for us, made it one of our most exciting and memorable shows.”
The band’s debut album, ‘Monica,’ is available for preorder at oddfolks.bandcamp.com for only $5. When you preorder, you receive instant access to 3 tracks plus the album in its entirety the moment its released. The album will also be available for streaming on Spotify.

– Parker Breaux

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