Mini Mixtape Motivation

Happy Sunday, everyone!  If you’re like me, sometimes you just need some goofy, lo-fi, feminist tunes to get you through the week.  I just finished polishing off a short (19-minute) playlist and you can check it out here.  Keep reading to find out more about the bands I picked and why I picked them!

tumblr_inline_nx5jgb53ww1s2tfqa_1280Siri, Open Tinder//Childbirth, from the album “Women’s Rights”

Childbirth is a band from Seattle, Washington and is made up of three females, all of whom have previously been in punk-ish, feminist bands–Stacy, Bree, and Julia.  With lyrics like “chacos–swipe left,” “tech bro–swipe left,” and “group shot–which one are you,” it’s a simple song but great, none-the-less.  If you need something simple, yet funny, I definitely recommend this song.  If you end up liking this one, they have plenty of other great tracks on this album including, “Tech Bro,” which casually mentions mansplaining, and “Will You Let the Dogs In?” which is just fun & simple and if you have a partner and own a dog, you might find you relate to this song even more.  Listen to this album, have a good time, enjoy your day. (Image source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jhlaxqp1s2tfqa_1280Wishlist//Potty Mouth, from the album “Hell Bent” (Explicit)

Potty Mouth, who hail from Northampton, Massachusetts, is similar to Childbirth, as they are made up of three female members–Abby, Ally, and Victoria–and full of punk angsty-ness.  Their 2013 album, “Hell Bent,” was released through Old Flame Records in the U.S. and Marshall Teller Records in the U.K.  “Wishlist” is no exception to their sound, either.  When listening to this, you’ll probably be transported back to your high school days, which were filled with teenage angst and an overwhelming desire to leave your town.  Mixed with a quicker beat and the irony of your high school self, you’ll have a good time listening to this, I promise. (Image source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jianrnc1s2tfqa_1280Cat Fancy//Tacocat, from the album “Take Me to Your Dealer”

Bringing it back to the first song on this playlist, Tacocat is related to Childbirth (or vice versa) due to the fact that one of the members of Tacocat, Bree, is a member of Childbirth.  In addition to Bree, the band also consists of Emily Nokes, Eric Randall, and Lelah Maupin.  Based off of just the title of this song, if you’re thinking this song is about Cat Fancy, the magazine, then you’re on the right track.  I love this song just for its silliness and simple lyrics w/ a lo-fi sound.  If you’re a cat person, you might even like this song more than I do.  I’m still waiting for them to put out a song about dogs… (Image source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jixeqwk1s2tfqa_1280Entertain//Sleater-Kinney, from the album “The Woods” (Explicit)

Alright, so this isn’t as goofy of a song as the above tracks, but if I’m going to make a feminist, punk-based playlist, of course Sleater-Kinney has to be on there.  They’re my absolute favorite and I totally have a crush on Carrie Brownstein (but then again, who doesn’t.)  Upbeat, with plenty of distortion, it’s a great way to give you the motivation you need for the day.  “Don’t drag me down, I’m not falling down” is all you need to hear to gain the confidence you need for the day.  Doubting yourself?  Make this song move it’s way through your eardrums and you’ll be all set. (Image source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jjvgvg31s2tfqa_400Will You Let the Dogs In?//Childbirth, from the album “Women’s Rights”

I know I mentioned this song above, but I just really felt like I needed to add a dog-related song to the playlist since “Cat Fancy” was included.  Short, fast, and to the point, I love this one.  Honestly, I’ll probably listen to this quite a bit this week just because I’m really feeling it & I hope you enjoy it, too. (Image source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jm9wvod1s2tfqa_1280TV//Colleen Green, from the album “I Want to Grow Up”

From Los Angeles, California, Colleen Green has developed a fun 10-track album entitled, “I Want to Grow Up.”  While this track definitely doesn’t have the same feel as the other songs I have listed above, it still maintains that lo-fi sound.  Laid-back, this song is dedicated to the relationship we have to TV, told from Green’s perspective.  Simple drums & guitars, with distortion.  Easy peasy. (Image Source)

tumblr_inline_nx5jnfyx8v1s2tfqa_400Hey Girl//Tacocat, from the album “Nvm”

Alright, so I’m repeating artists, but this is another song I just really love.  While not directly silly, I really enjoy the band’s ironic humour throughout this song.  Ever been cat-called?  Pump this through your headphones and just jam!  “Oh, it helps my self-esteem, ‘cause you finally noticed me.”  I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

–Alex Cowan

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