Team Member Monday: Adam Navara

tumblr_inline_nxkotymnpu1s2tfqa_1280FIRST: name, major, classification, and hometown

Adam Navara, Biomedical Engineering, Junior, San Antonio, TX

QUESTION NUMERO UNO: why did you join TEP?

I’ve just always had a love for writing and art, ever since I was in 5th grade and my awesome teacher, Ms. Aleyassin, instilled that in me. But I had never really done anything with it, other than my own writing, so when I started college I just really wanted to finally join an organization to foster that love.  TEP was that organization, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

QUESTION NUMERO TWO: what do you do in your free time

Hahaha, I sleep when I can. I suppose I do that in my non-free time too sometimes though.

QUESTION THREE THREE THREE: favorite book, movie, poetry, tv show

My favorite book is definitely Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, really, really funny book and probably the best ending I’ve ever read in my life.  My favorite movie changes all the time, but I’ve always loved the first Pirates of the Caribbean.  Poetry changes even more than the movie, I love just being in the moment with poetry, so my favorite would always be one of the ones I had just read or heard that day.  Favorite TV show… I just finished watching the first two seasons of Rick and Morty which was really funny.  I’ve always loved Friends too, Phoebe’s the best.

QUESTIONS FO: if you could have dinner with any literary character who and why?

Hmmmm, probably someone who could cook really well… I remember Pi Patel, from Life of Pi, cooking something with a lot of spices, which is how I cook, so that would probably be pretty good.  Plus I think he’d have an interesting perspective on the world and life.

 QUESTION FIVER: where is your favorite reading place?

Somewhere outside and quiet.

QUESTION SIX: how would you describe your personal writing style?

I’ve always thought I write like I speak, which is generally minimally.  However, I think most people write like they think, and my thoughts have always been long-winded and going off in several directions at once, which I think is how I write.  Long-winded. And with comma splices.  Lots and lots of comma splices.

QUESTION S-S-S-SEVEN: who do you draw inspiration from?

My family, mostly.  My mom for her hard work and patience, my dad for the career he’s made for himself in science, which is something I strive to emulate, and my sister for her vitality and determination.

QUESTION EIGHT: if you could switch places with any literary character who and why?

Probably someone who’s got it made.  There aren’t really many of those in the literary world though.  I guess it would have to be one of the leads from a 19th century romance novel, like Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice.  They always seemed to end up rich and in love.

QUESTION NIIIIIIINE: what is your favorite quote?

From George Bernard Shaw’s play Back to Mathuselah: “You see things and you say ‘Why?’.  But I dream things that never were and I say ‘Why not?’.

 QUESTION TEN: what is your absolute dream job?

Being a paid writer, to the point where I don’t have to worry about money anymore.  I think it’d be cool to write lots of different things too.  A lot of people always seem to want to write a novel, and I do too, but I think it’d be awesome to write the lyrics for a Broadway musical as well.

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