5 TV Quotes That Will Get You Through Test Week

RIP to the end of the syllabus week. You will be missed. The first rounds of test are approaching us Ag’s, so brace for impact. Your classes will probably decide to gang up on you all at once. Here’s some of TV’s finest to prove that you’re not the only one on the struggle bus:

  1. When you decided to start your 10 page paper 12 hours before its due:

Kirby 1.png

  1. When you have two exams 20 minutes apart:

Kirby 2

  1. When you find yourself procrastinating in the weird parts of YouTube and/or Facebook:

Kirby 3.png

  1. On Monday when you ask yourself why you didn’t do anything school related over the weekend:

Kirby 4

  1. When you can’t tell if you’re sleep deprived or actually really smart:

Kirby 5.png

Study hard and make us proud. Or don’t. We’ll still like you.

— Kirbie Koonse

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