Five Reasons Why You’re Harry Potter and A&M is Basically Hogwarts

1.People claim there’s no real magic in the world, but what about the power of the 12th Man?

Caelan HP 1

One of A&M’s longest standing, big “T” Traditions, the 12th Man, is nothing short of magical. What else would motivate tens of thousands of college students to stand in the scorching heat for hours in the blazing sun waving a white towel? The 12th Man, that’s what. Hogwarts had Quidditch and we have Aggie Football. (And Quidditch.)

2. Harry had Hedwig, and we have Reveille.

Caelan HP 2

Just as Hedwig welcomed Harry into the wizarding world, Lady Reveille is an instant friend to anyone at A&M. She represents the school with class and style and an overwhelming, unparalleled amount of grace. But Rev is better than Hedwig because she loves everyone and she might even get you out of class early. And, honestly, who do you think is cuter? (Psst. It’s Rev.)

3. Hogwarts had Hogsmeade and we have Northgate.

Caelan HP 3

When the stress of tests, school, and life finds us, we can grab a friend and head to Northgate to avoid it. I mean….discuss it. But in all seriousness, Northgate is a great place to meet and hang out with people and de-stress while you’re at it. Harry had Honeydukes, and we have Daisy Dukes.

4. We consistently BTHO Voldemort/finals/whoever-we’re-playing-this-week!

Caelan HP 4.png

Every young Aggie knows how to recognize something truly evil when he sees it. Evil comes in purple and gold, can be spelled as “LSU,” and usually sits in the visitor’s side of Kyle Field. Just as Harry rallied Dumbledore’s Army to fend off the Dark Lord, we rally together Friday night before each game to prepare for the battle on game day.

5. Because you marry ‘em.

Caelan HP 5

Harry had Ron and Hermione and we have each other. The relationships you form at A&M will shape the rest of your life. Friends come from all over Texas, the country, and the world.  You find them in Evans, in class, or the flag room in the MSC. But no matter where they’re from or what they look like, one thing is for certain: they bleed maroon, just like you. And if that isn’t the beginning of a beautiful friendship, what is?

So be thankful that you’re here at Texas A&M. That you’re blessed enough to call this campus home. And next time you’re watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV, remember that your school is just as cool as Hogwarts, if not better. And don’t forget to BTHO Voldemort! (And exams/whoever-we-are-playing-this-week.)

–Caelan Cheshire

(Image Source featured image/1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

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