The British Invasion: Slaves

As a huge fan of punk rock, I am always looking for modern music that can live up to the greats of the 1990s and 2000s, like blink-182, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy. While many American bands do a great job of revitalizing the genre, few bands do it as well as the British punk due Slaves.

The Kent-based duo, which formed in 2012, released their debut album, Are You Satisfied? in 2015.   Compared to their previous works in which their potential shined, Slaves’ Are You Satisfied? showcases their sheer talent and guts. This exciting album is wickedly clever, with vicious guitar riffs and biting, frustrated lyrics. They draw from the sounds of grunge in addition to punk, and their bitter themes and raw vocals are reminiscent of bands like both Weezer and Nirvana. Songs like “Sugar Coated Bitter Truth” and “Cheer Up London” are piercing, both in their lyrics and in their heavy guitar. Others, like “Wow!!!7AM” are witty, and the softer “Are You Satisfied” fits right into their aesthetic while adding a new level of mellow sound.

Perfect for fans of 90s and 00s punk and grunge, Slaves’ album is purely angsty, putting even the most sophisticated adult listener in touch with their inner teenage millennial. This debut album is clever and exciting, recorded with the much-missed integrity of grungy, emo garage bands; however, Are You Satisfied? modernizes this aesthetic, making this album fit—however uniquely—into the late 2010s. Surely, this record will leave you satisfied.

–Aubrey Rieder

[Featured image source]

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