The British Invasion: The Struts

Glam-rock has always had a place in the English music scene, with greats such as Def Leppard and Queen making their mark on the music of the 1980s in both Britain and the United States. Modern rivals of these bands’ dangerously flashy aesthetic are difficult to come by, though one 2010s band pays tribute to these classic sounds while remaining superbly modern: The Struts.

Originating in 2010 in Derby—just a stone’s throw from my home-away-from-home Nottingham—the Struts marry together the styles of classic rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Britpop groups like Oasis, and 80s glam rock to create an exciting sound that is both classic and modern. Their debut album Everybody Wants is fast and fresh, with songs like “The Ol’ Switcheroo” and “Kiss This” exemplifying the exhilarating and light tone of the album. Even when the Struts take their talents in a different direction, such as with the crooning, emotional “Mary Go Round,” they never lose their energy.

Everybody Wants perfectly encapsulates the fun spirit of 80s hair bands while fitting perfectly into the modern music scene. Sure to invade the playlists of American lovers of classic rock, glam rock, and Britpop, the Struts are a band that everybody wants.

–Aubrey Rieder

[Featured image source]

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