Los Trompos

I took a day trip from all the hustle and bustle of college life to Downtown Houston’s Discovery Green to let out my inner child. In addition to ice skating, good food, and playing in the Gateway water fountain feature, there was the interactive art exhibit, “Los Trompos,” by internationally-acclaimed designers Hector Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena. This exhibit featured twenty-five larger-than-life spinning tops of various shapes, colors, sizes, and styles and was on display until March 22nd.Los Trompos

Inspired by the spinning tops toys we all used to play with when we were younger, the gazebo-like pieces of art featured a canopy-like design so you could sit inside, or even on top of, as you spun around in the middle of downtown, getting a 360o view of the city. Collectively creating a sea of movement, this exhibit fostered the creation of an engaging connection since it had to be manipulated by two or more people. Each top was woven in a traditional style used by Mexican artists to create a unique shape inspired by nature and traditional Latin American design, architecture, and folk art. Not only a spin back into our childhoods, these pieces helped share Hispanic culture in a new and fun way for all ages.
In addition to playing in this interactive exhibit, art organizations and individual performers could have also turned this day trip into a date night with performances of dance, spoken word, and theatrical and musical performances that were also there during its feature.  Did you go to this exhibit?  Share your experience using the hashtag #LosTromposHTX!

–Cassidy Nelson

[Featured image source, image 1 source]

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