The British Invasion: AlunaGeorge

With the past weeks being focused on final exams, I’ve lately been looking back to my time in England last semester, where I had much more time to strut the streets of Nottingham and enjoy the nightlife. Knowing only a few tests stand between me and having my weekends free to play again, I’ve been listening to the music that got me ready for the late club nights in the UK. Heavily invading this playlist was one of my favorite English electropop musicians: AlunaGeorge.

An electronic music duo from London, AlunaGeorge consists of vocalist and songwriter Aluna Francis and instrumental and production artist George Reid. They started when Reid remixed one of Francis’s tracks, and the two have continued to make remixed covers of artists such as Lana del Rey and Florence + the Machine. With breathy vocals, left-field R&B influences, and 2-step garage to accompany their electropop sounds, AlunaGeorge has a unique sound that is perfect for a night out—or a chill night in.

While their 2013 album Body Music had some exciting tracks such as the hip-hop-reminiscent “You Know You Like It” (featuring DJ Snake) and the chill, airy “Your Drums, Your Love”, AlunaGeorge have built upon their own strengths to create some awesome singles in 2016 for their sophomore album I Remember.  Their January track “I’m In Control,” which features Jamaican DJ Popcaan, is about strong women who are in charge of their relationships, their lives, and their futures. Francis’s breathy lyrics are complimented by Popcaan’s rapping and Reid’s thumping beats, and the song is nostalgic of many of the tracks I listened to at my middle school dances while being grounded firmly in 2016. “I Remember,” which was released in mid-April, is a perfect marriage of techno and pop, with catchy lyrics and vocal runs with electronic instrumentation and quick, tapping percussion. Released just this past Thursday, AlunaGeorge’s “My Blood” features the musical talents of ZHU and is an electronic take on R&B. With sensual lyrics and vocals and slow melodies over faster bass and 808, the song is passionate and sexy while remaining fun enough to get ready for a night out to.

I Remember, which will be released later this year, is already set to have some great tracks that are varied, modern, and fun. AlunaGeorge have also found their way to Texas, playing in Houston on May 26th, in Austin on May 27th, in El Paso on May 29th, and later in Dallas on June 4th. Fans of electronic music, R&B, and electropop would enjoy seeing AlunaGeorge live, and would definitely love listening to them at any time of day. Still, once you give them a listen, AlunaGeorge and their 2016 tracks will surely invade the weekend playlist of anyone looking to have a great night out post-finals!

–Aubrey Rieder

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