A Statement from The Eckleburg Project Editorial Board on Richard Spencer’s Appearance at Texas A&M

The Eckleburg Project stands against hate.

Our mission as an organization and publication is to showcase and promote the artistic expression of experience on our campus. We see a variety of beliefs and political notions behind the art that we interact with as a publication, and we operate under the notion that approaching these varied ideas leads to a more equitable community. We believe in listening to others and their lived experiences with empathy, compassion, and respect.

Richard Spencer, a white nationalist and racist, pushes forward an agenda that goes against any notion of equity or empathy. Spencer rejects the value of difference in a society and his advocacy of racist and white nationalist ideas rejects and attempts to efface the lived experience of many on our campus. Our publication values the entrance of a variety of experiences and backgrounds into public discourse, something we believe is valuable to a community. Spencer’s ideas stand opposed to this, and we vehemently reject them.

In our project of cataloging experience, we recognize that we cannot ignore the history of the Texas A&M campus and its often tenuous relationship with providing equity to the marginalized. We must take stock of and admit to the failures of the past. We cannot pretend that this campus—or any other campus, institution, or community—is immune to the rhetoric of hate or the sometimes violent actions of those that subscribe to it. Spencer’s rhetoric poses a risk to the Texas A&M community and the many within it work to provide a better environment for the traditionally excluded. We believe it is imperative for members of our community, including its leaders and organizations, to look within ourselves and ask how we can bring empathy and respect to the center of the conversation, and to use that conversation to bring equity and further acceptance to our campus.

This Editorial Board stands against the ideas that Richard Spencer will present today, and we call on all who believe in the value of a diverse and equitable society to speak out against him as well.

Richard Spencer may be here on our campus, but he is not welcome.

-The Editors of The Eckleburg Project

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