5 Reasons Why You Need to Drop Everything You’re Doing and Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved

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What is Buzzfeed Unsolved? Well, I’m glad you asked, dear reader! It is series on YouTube where two guys, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, either 1) talk about unsolved mysteries or 2) try to discover if ghosts/demons are real. Before you start to judge me, let me give you a couple reasons why you should stop whatever you’re doing and watch them.

  1. Some of the stories they cover are fascinating.

In the True Crime seasons, Ryan goes through the story of the crime, including evidence and theories. Mind you, these are all unsolved mysteries. This past season included the Axeman of New Orleans, the drowning of Natalie Wood, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. During the Supernatural episodes, Ryan and Shane travel to the most haunted places in America, including the Winchester House in San Jose, California, the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas, and Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, Kentucky.

  1. Shane and Ryan are literally the best.

Ryan is a hardcore believer in the supernatural. Shane, on the other hand, is a very logical, very reasonable person. The entire episode of the supernatural seasons, Ryan tries to convince Shane to believe in ghosts and whatnot. Shane has this habit of trying to provoke the ghosts. He’ll lie in pentagrams and yell at a demon or a ghost to rip his heart out or things like that. His actions freak Ryan out who will scream at him to stop. This in turn causes Shane to laugh. So far, no demon has killed Shane, but there are some points in episodes where I fear Ryan will do something to him.

  1. Some of the evidence that Ryan gets in the Supernatural seasons are very compelling.

I like to think of myself as a rational person. However, some of the things Ryan’s equipment picks up genuinely terrify me. In the episode of the Sallie House, Shane asks the demon in the house to turn on a flashlight. Ryan, naturally, tells him not to get the spirit involved. The moment that Shane tells the demon to turn the light on for Ryan, the flashlight lights up. After Ryan has his freak out moment, Shane asks the demon to turn the light off, again for Ryan. The light goes out. Cue another scene of Ryan cursing and screaming at Shane. And the entire time, Shane is just laughing.

In other episodes, Ryan’s sound equipment will pick up voices. Especially in the video about the Salem Witch Trials, as Shane and Ryan explore the ruins of the pastor’s house, Ryan plays back moments where voices can be heard. Shane’s main objection to these is that they sound like regular noises. Some do sound like a scrape of a shoe or the wind blowing. But there are others that are distinct voices. Ryan says that most ghosts don’t know that they are dead, so the majority of the voices heard say “what”. There are others that say, “I’m right here” or “I’m not”, particularly in the Salem Witch Trials episode. There are times where a word cannot be made out, but it definitely sounds like a voice.

  1. The wheezes



Most of you will have no idea what the wheeze means. But for those who have watched some episodes of Buzzfeed Unsolved, this is for you.

There are parts in the video where the screen just shows the words of what they are saying, typed out. Whenever Shane says something funny, Ryan will wheeze, and it happens so many times! I counted in one of my favorite videos, The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper, and Ryan wheezes 10 times in the span of 20 minutes.

  1. The Post-Mortem Videos

A few days after a new episode is released, Ryan and Shane will upload a Post-Mortem video where they will answer fans’ questions. They also go more in depth into some of the theories that they didn’t have time for in the video. It’s really nice to hear them flesh out the stories a little more. Shane always adds some random graphics. Last True Crime season, he had an entire spiel about hot dogs jousting on crabs. Yeah… I didn’t really get it either. The guys will also hint at what mystery the next week’s episode covers and make announcements, like when merch is available. And yes, I did buy a shirt.

I like to think of myself as a Shaniac, calm, cool, and collected in the face of danger. But, I’m probably more of a Boogara (or Rynasaur or whatever Ryan’s fans are called; he’s constantly changing the name). I couldn’t walk into a haunted place like Bobby Mackey’s and taunt a demon into hurting me. If a ghost appeared right in front of me, I’d probably run away, screaming, or pass out.

-Jess Lucas

P.S. I strongly recommend that you watch the videos at night when you’re home alone. That’s what I always do. Just kidding, don’t be me. Be smart. Watch them with your best friend in broad daylight with a baseball bat, some holy water, and some sage by your side. You know, just in case.




P.P.S. Brent, I haven’t forgotten you. You’re pretty great too. I’m glad that Ryan and Shane made a missing persons poster for you.


Ryan’s Twitter


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