Strange Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is an undervalued resource, not as students, but as human beings who sometimes need to know things without getting out an encyclopedia or calling a world expert. Wikipedia actually was a descendant from a previous online encyclopedia endeavor called Nupedia, active October 1999 to September 2003. One of the key differences between the two is that anyone can edit Wikipedia, but it would take extensive peer review for an article or a change to make it to the final page of Nupedia. Despite the bad press and a general distrust of Wikipedia by teachers and scholars, it actually has an error rate similar (though slightly higher) than that of the Encyclopedia Britannica. My general, unscientific opinion is that Wikipedia should get more credit.

Here are some articles I’ve collected (with some help from the Wikipedia page of unusual articles, found here ). There are a lot of good Wikipedia articles that I omitted because I already kind of knew about them, and I wanted this to be a learning experience. These are listed in no particular ranking.

1.This guy did a series of trades (beginning with a single red paperclip) that resulted in home ownership.


2. An excellent example as to why we don’t use cats for surveillance work.


3.The world’s most underrated sport requires ferrets and no underwear.



4. Modern day Tea Partiers with a penchant for pieing politicians.


5.There is a remarkable (balding) pattern in Russian leadership.


6.Hitler has only got one ball.


7.What did the father buffalo say to his calf when he left for school? Bi, son.


-Anna Cairns


Images: {Paperclip, Spycats, Ferrets, Pie, Bald, Ball, Buffalo}

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