Take a Breath


Music. The beautiful collection of melodies intertwining with poetism. The net casted on memories, pulling ideas from the depths of even the forgotten thoughts. The silence that interrupts thinking. Music.


Recently, music and grey clouds have been working together to coax me into my bed with my nose deep in my journal. On days where the temperature is below fifty degrees and the sky is scattered with all things grey, I cannot help but think. I think about the dreams I have to write more, to draw more, to sing more, to do more. Then, I pause and breathe. Realization moves my face away from the more and into the dream. I desire to write without the more. My determination will lead me to the more, but my focus on merely the more will become my obstacle.


Pause and breathe.


The purpose of my tangent about dreaming is that music lures you deep into your thoughts. Whether your mind is constantly working or constantly silent (like mine), music encourages you to pause. So, as finals and cold weather roll in, let your mind wander. Let yourself wonder why the roots dig so deep, why the waves dance with the moon, why the memories of your memories hide, why your hair attempts to supersede your style. Let yourself wonder about wonder.


Now, sit back and give this a listen: https://open.spotify.com/user/12158421492/playlist/6ChR5fI5VNdR0Su52wqyuo?si=3YvT4cdbTFe739ZVVfTJLw


Photo and Piece by Rebekah Jolly

Instagram: @benditlikebeks

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